2025 Audi Q3: Third generation latest news

The latest reports from Audi suggest that they are working on a new generation of Q3. The first spy photos tell us the same story: the upcoming 2025 Audi Q3 will have a new exterior design. This direct competitor to the BMW X1 is also getting a redesigned interior with some new features, and we are hoping that Audi will also make changes under the hood of the upcoming Q3. From the spy photos, we notice a charging port on the side, so we can assume the new generation will stay plug-in hybrid. Also, we can see no big changes on the side and rear parts of this crossover.

The latest news from Audi says that the Q1 and Q2 will be discounted and that the Q3 will become the smallest SUV in the lineup. That is an expected move from German automakers because of low interest in Q1 and Q2. And the Q3 is one of the most popular vehicles on the market. So Audi decided to focus on SUVs that make a profit and to make them more attractive to customers.

2025 Audi Q3 1

2025 Audi Q3 Redesign

In 2025, the Audi Q3 emerges as a new generation, poised to captivate enthusiasts with its revamped design. The spotlight shines on its striking new front fascia, where a meticulous redesign introduces a fresh perspective. Embracing innovation, the Q3 boasts redesigned headlights that illuminate the road with unparalleled clarity, accentuating its bold presence on the streets. A futuristic front bumper lends an air of sophistication, seamlessly blending form and function.

Complementing the exterior enhancements, the Audi Q3 debuts an array of enticing features, including a sleek new rim design that exudes elegance and athleticism. With a palette of premium color options, each hue enhances the vehicle’s allure, allowing drivers to express their individuality.

The allure doesn’t end there; the Q3’s allure extends to its rear, where new taillight designs leave a lasting impression as it gracefully fades into the distance. With these captivating updates, the Audi Q3 sets a new standard for style and sophistication, beckoning admirers with its irresistible charm and undeniable allure.

2025 Audi Q3 Interior

The Q3 needed an interior redesign. The second generation debuted in 2019, and the interior started to show age. And to make this model interesting for customers, Audi needs to make changes in the cabin of the upcoming 2025 Audi Q3. Some of the features will be shared with the previous generation, like a panoramic sunroof in standard equipment. The leather upholstery, comfortable leather seats with a heating option, and interior lighting. But the next generation will get an upgraded infotainment system with a new 12-inch touchscreen on the center console. The new button layout and dual wireless charger. The new heated steering wheel and shifting knob will also be part of a 2025 model overhaul. Android Auto and Apple Car Play will also come standard, and we expect SiriusXM satellite radio and a premium 15-speaker system on better-equipped trims.
Also, the new model will not lack safety features. The standard safety will include

  • Lane departure warning
  • Automatic emergency breaking
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Parking Sensors with a Rear View Camera

2025 Audi Q3 Interior

2025 Audi Q3 Hybrid

The 2025 model will come with the same engine, but there will be two power variations. The standard 210-horsepower variant with 235-foot pounds of torque will be the powertrain that will be found in cheaper trims. And there will be a 240-horsepower variation that will have 275 pound-feet of torque. The engine under the hood of the new Q3 will have a displacement of 2 liters, and it will be paired with a small electric motor. The power will be delivered to an all-wheel drive through a 9-speed automatic gearbox. The more potent variant will go from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds.

We can guess that the upcoming model will share the same driving characteristics as the previous generation. The soft-tuned suspension will allow for comfortable long rides. And the good engine options that will be paired with a smooth transmission. And it will allow for good driving characteristics with sporty acceleration.

2025 Audi Q3 2

Price and Release Date

The price for the upcoming 2025 Audi Q3 will start at $39.500, and it will go up to $44.000 for a top-tier trim with all additional equipment. The official release date is set for the winter of 2024.
Our pick for a trim option is the Premium Plus 45 trim, which will come at $42,000 for a base model. It will offer a luxurious interior with plenty of additional features, and most importantly, it will come with a stronger engine option.
The main competition for this model is the BMW X1, but other competitors are worth mentioning. The Volvo XC40, BMW X2, Mercedes-Benz GLB, and Mini Cooper JWC.



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