2025 BMW X2:Specs, Electric Version, Price and Competition

Following last year’s facelift, the 2025 BMW X2 is poised to maintain its sleek appearance, with no major styling overhauls anticipated. While it will continue to share many mechanical components with the X1, it will boast a sportier exterior aesthetic, appealing to enthusiasts who affectionately dubbed it the “SUV couple.” Under its hood, robust engines will power this model, delivering impressive performance. Expect it to retain the outstanding driving dynamics synonymous with the X1 while benefiting from enhanced acceleration due to its lower air resistance rating.

Looking ahead, updates for the forthcoming model primarily revolve around interior enhancements, featuring new technology and advanced safety features. Exterior alterations are expected to be minimal, with the introduction of additional color choices and subtle refinements to the front fascia, potentially including adjustments to headlights and the grille. In line with automotive trends, BMW will also introduce new rim options for higher-tier trims, further elevating the X2’s appeal and customization options.

2025 BMW X2 1

2025 BMW X2 Specifications

At this moment, we do not expect any changes in the powertrain selection for the 2025 model. It will continue to ride on the same platform that was introduced in 2023 on the X1 model. Under the hood, we will find two 2-liter turbocharged mills that will produce 241 horsepower.

This engine will be in a less powerful xDrive28i model. There will be a stronger M35i model that will have the same engine, but it will now produce 320 horsepower. Both of these models will come with all-wheel drive, and they will be paired with a 7-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission that will offer smooth shifting and a comfortable ride. The standard models will be equipped with 19-inch rims, and there will be an option to go up to 21 inches on the premium M35i trim. The M35i model will also get an upgraded suspension, blacked exterior features, and an upgraded interior with premium features.

2025 BMW X2 2

2025 BMW X2 Electric (iX2)

Among the most highly anticipated electric SUVs in the automotive landscape, the iX2 stands out prominently. With the 2025 model year approaching, enthusiasts eagerly await the enhancements slated for this innovative vehicle. Anticipated revisions include the introduction of more potent engine options, a redesigned, futuristic exterior, and subtle interior refinements.

The electric iteration of the X2 promises versatility with two distinct power outputs. The base model is projected to deliver 220 horsepower, while a more formidable variant will boast 290 horsepower, catering to diverse driving preferences. Equipped with a 65 kWh battery, the iX2 is expected to offer an impressive range of up to 283 miles, supplemented by rapid charging capabilities for added convenience.

Distinguishing itself further, the electric variant will showcase a distinctive exterior and interior aesthetic. Notably, the front fascia will transform a more avant-garde appearance, featuring a sleek, closed grille design that reflects the vehicle’s electric propulsion. Inside, subtle enhancements will contribute to an elevated driving experience, blending modernity with comfort and functionality.

2025 BMW X2 Interior

Similar to its exterior counterpart, significant alterations to the interior of the 2025 X2 are not anticipated. Drawing inspiration from the design language seen across the BMW lineup. The current model’s interior mirrors cues from the X1 with a touch of modern sophistication. The driver-centric layout is emphasized by a subtly angled dashboard. Showcasing a prominent 10.2″ configurable digital gauge cluster alongside a 10.7″ infotainment screen. This screen is powered by the latest iteration of BMW’s iDrive operating system, ensuring seamless navigation and connectivity.

Standard amenities include wireless smartphone integration, ambient lighting, and dual-zone climate control, enhancing comfort and convenience for occupants. Additionally, the X2 offers optional upgrades such as a panoramic sunroof, a wireless charging pad, heated seats, and a heated steering wheel. Allowing drivers to tailor their driving experience to their preferences and needs. Despite the absence of major updates, the 2025 X2 continues to epitomize BMW’s commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with luxury and comfort in its interior design.

2025 BMW X2 interior

Price and Release Date

The expected release date of the upcoming 2025 BMW X2 will be the end of 2024. With a starting price of $43.000 for the base trim and up to $57.000 for the M35i model with all additional equipment, Just a base-equipped M35i will cost you around $52,000. The electric version will start at $52.000 and go up to $61.000 for a more powerful model with a bigger battery.
Both standard models will offer solid features for their price, but our pick goes to the M35i as a more powerful and equipped tier. And the price difference is not so big for what a more expensive model offers.

The competition for this model will be the Volvo XC40, Mini Countryman JWC, Mercedes GLB, and BMW X1.

For around $60.000, customers can pick the Mercedes AMG CLB, which will be the best pick in this category, but it will also come with the highest cost.


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