2025 Honda CR-V Redesign: Time to Dethrone the Toyota Rav4

The 2025 Honda CR-V is the crossover SUV or the CUV, you need to wait! The company is probably redesigning the vehicle. In the meantime, Honda will update the rest of the lineup, including Pilot and Passport SUVs. The CR-V is more popular than the couple of bigger brothers, according to sales. However, it is not close to the class leader, Toyota Rav4. Last year Honda sold 238k units after a 30% drop-off compared to the previous season. In the meantime, Rav4 still finds around 400,000 new homes per year.

After another dose of changes, the CR-V is going to be even more competitive. The crossover was just behind the biggest rival, but once again failed to overtake the #1 spot in sales. A year after that, Rav4 made a huge gap between it and the competition. Fans expect a lot from the 2025 Honda CR-V since it is time for the mid-cycle update. The current generation debuted in 2022. The next one should be out after 5-6 year run. In the meantime, the crossover will get one big update. And we expect a lot from the 2025 redesign.

2025 Honda CR-V interior


Experts talk a lot about the total electrification of the 2025 Honda CR-V. It makes sense – the entire industry is moving in this direction. However, EVs usually take different names. Honda is using the Prologue code for the concept vehicle. Immediately after its debut fans started imagining the new CR-V based on the same architecture, or with advanced options shown on the EV prototype. A few configurations are being under development. The base one should return 230 miles and 250 horsepower. A dual-motor configuration is more potent, but Honda won’t chase high performances. Still, it will be a nice upgrade to 290 hp and 300 miles of range.

The main reason why we believe the 2025 Honda CR-V EV is happening is the partnership with GM on this project. The crossover will use the same batteries as the Chevy Equinox EV. However, the styling will be all-Honda. General Motors is very serious about the electrification and we can already call this manufacturer the main Tesla’s rival.

Grand CR-V: What Is It?

As its name suggests, the 2025 Honda Grand CR-V is going to be a larger version of the CUV. Many are going to ask if it is going to be the Passport then. No. The new model will use the same platform as the base CUV, but it offers more room inside the cabin for the third row of seats or extra cargo space.

CR-V is one of the best-selling models worldwide. In Europe and some other regions, carmakers are selling compact crossovers with three rows. For example, you’ll find Nissan Qashqai (Rogue) and VW Tiguan, while Ford announced a 3-row Kuga, but it didn’t happen. The Grand CR-V will probably be one of the most popular models in this class, on both sides of the Atlantic.

2025 Honda CR-V Grand

Mechanical Upgrades: 2025 Honda CR-V PHEV Ready for North America

Toyota is a leader in innovations when it comes to hybrid vehicles. Their Rav4 is the first crossover to break the 40 mpg mark. But not too much time after its debut, the CR-V hybrid could do the same. And it is even better, returning 43/40 mpg compared to 41/38 coming from the Rav4. If Honda squeezes a couple of more miles from this system, it will be enough to make another step closer to the class leader.

More important – the 2025 Honda CR-V PHEV is becoming available in the United States. Specs are not available yet, and all we can do is compare it to the European configuration. The system creates 204 horsepower, which is nearly 100 hp less than the main rival, Toyota Rav4 Prime. On the other hand, the CR-V PHEV can go 51 miles in electric mode, while the Rav4 is 42 miles. So, Honda could keep the same configuration and rely on the range, or install a larger battery pack that can provide more power in combination with a 1.5-liter petrol engine.

2025 Honda CR-V phev

2025 Honda CR-V New Models, Release Date and Price

The mid-cycle update is always fun to expect. It is not changing a vehicle from scratches. However, small modifications and upgrades of the current model is there to refresh the crossover and breathe a new life. It seems like Honda relies on other upgrades – the Grand CR-V model and the PHEV version. The entire package is not enough for the next-gen debut, but it is a lot more than the ordinary facelift.

All the things we expect from the 2025 Honda CR-V are still under development. The company will definitely introduce some of them for the upcoming model, if not all. The stakes are huge, and by the end of 2024, the refreshed CUV will be out. The price goes up, as you can guess. The base CR-V is still under $30,000, which won’t be the case after the mid-cycle update. Hybrid should be around $35,000 and the PHEV will definitely breach $40k mark. An electric CR-V is not coming out so soon.

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