2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid: Future-Ready Luxury Minivan

The latest news suggests that Honda will redesign the Odyssey and offer it with a new hybrid powertrain. In the last few months, rumors spread that Honda would discontinue this minivan, but according to the latest reports, Odyssey will receive a redesign and enter a new generation. The 2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid will offer a spacious interior with plenty of features. Including both technical and safety features. Also, we expect to see a well-equipped interior with a dose of luxury in top-tier trims.

Previous generations of Odyssey gained a good reputation because of their good driving capabilities and spacious cabins. The 2024 model comes with a 3.5-liter engine that produces 280 horsepower, and it offers solid performance for this minivan that can seat up to 8 people. However, the big issue was the lack of interest that buyers showed in this model. So Honda decided to redesign it, offer a more futuristic interior and exterior, and offer a greener powertrain.

2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid

2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Design

The new Odyssey will feature a modern and sleek design with futuristic details. From the renders and spy photos we found online, we can see that the front fascia will gain a new design that will include new modern LED headlights with a unique grille design. Also, it will feature a huge, sporty front bumper that will make this model look a little bit aggressive. The side view shows us the big 20-inch rims that will be offered with the 2025 model. Also, the car line shows us that Honda takes care of air resistance, and low air drag was one of the most important factors when they designed this vehicle.

On the rear end, we will find a new rear bumper with unique tail lights. The same design language will be used on the rear end. And it will be a blend of futuristic and sleek design. The 2025 Honda Odyssey should bring us new premium color options, but we need to wait for the official release date to see what color Honda will offer with the Odyssey.

2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Specifications

Previously, Honda used a 3.5-liter V6 with this model. That engine produced 280 horsepower, and it offers solid performance in this class. The biggest downside of this mill was bad fuel efficiency.
So Honda will introduce a hybrid powertrain with this model. We think that the new Odyssey will feature multiple hybrid powertrains. The base powertrain will include a 2.0-liter mill that will be shared with the CR-V, and it will generate up to 240 horsepower and up to 250 pounds of torque.
We also hope that Honda will surprise us and offer a 2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid with a more potent powertrain. Rumors suggest that this minivan will also come with a more potent powertrain than we will find in more expensive trims.

We hope that we will see a PHEV hybrid that will offer around 350 horsepower with 400 pound-feet of torque. That also means that this minivan will offer up to 40 miles of just electric drive.

All upcoming models will come with front-wheel drive, but there will be an option for all-wheel drive.

All of the powertrains will be paired with a newly developed CVT transmission that will offer smooth shifting and excellent driving capabilities.

2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid

2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Interior

The interior will greatly depend on the trim level and additional options that the customer chooses. The starting equipment for the 2025 model will include leather-trimmed seats instead of the cloth that we found on the starting trim level for the 2024 model. The more expensive models will get premium seats with heating and venting options. The additional equipment will also include a powered moonroof and a premium sound system. Some interesting upgrades will include a wireless charging pad on base models and a powered liftgate.

The huge improvement for the 2025 model will be the info-intertainment system. The outdated 8-inch screen we found on a previous model will be replaced with a 12-inch touchscreen. The new Odyssey will support all modern connecting features, including Bluetooth, Apple Car Play, and Android Auto.

The safety features will also be updated, and we will find. Automatic Breaking System, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assistance, Traffic Sign Recognition, Parking Sensors, and Blind Spot Warning.

2025 Honda Odyssey Hybrid

Price and Release Date

The release date of the upcoming Odyssey is set for the end of 2024. With a starting price of $42,000, that will go up to $53,000 for top-tier trim with options included.
The well-equipped Odyssey will cost you around $50.000, and for that money, Honda will have a lot to offer in this class. With a spacious cabin, a powerful economic engine, and good pricing politics, we expect a new generation of Odyssey to achieve good sales results.

Competition in this minivan class will include the upcoming 2025 Kia Telluride, Chrysler Pacifica, and Toyota Sienna.


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