2025 Jeep Cherokee Is Finally Getting Redesign

Without any doubt, the current generation of Jeep’s iconic SUV has been around for way too long. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there is such a big interest in the next-generation model, which is expected to arrive in the next year. The all-new 2025 Jeep Cherokee is about to bring so many novelties and among many of them, we should also mention the electrification, which will be a big part of this redesign.

Of course, novelties in other aspects are coming as well, starting from completely new aesthetics, reworked mechanics and a completely new interior, as the current one is arguably the weakest point of the vehicle. Naturally, the new platform will allow the adoption of all kinds of advanced tech and safety features and despite the electrification, we don’t expect the new Cherokee to lose any of its off-road capabilities.

As mentioned, the launch will happen in the next year.

2025 Jeep Cherokee

2025 Jeep Cherokee Redesign

As mentioned, the 2025 Jeep Cherokee will finally get a full redesign, after more than a decade. At this point, the company still tries to keep details a secret, but some things are relatively easy to presume. One of them is the platform. Namely, we expect that the new Cherokee will adopt the latest version of the Small Wide platform, the one that already underpins models like the Dodge Hornet and Alfa Romeo Tonale. Moreover, the two models are about to be the closest relatives of the new Cherokee, and that includes the powertrain as well, although we will talk about that a little bit later.

When it comes to aesthetics, we don’t expect to see radical changes as in the outgoing generation, which wasn’t accepted particularly well, back in the day it was introduced. This time, we expect to see rather a more conventional design approach, with the front end that sticks to Jeep’s classic postulates, with more conservative lighting groups, a seven-slot grille and similar things.

Compared to the outgoing model, the new 2025 Jeep Cherokee might grow in size for a bit, though it’s still early to talk about the exact numbers. On the other hand, we are pretty sure that the company will tend to keep the off-road performance at least at the same level, with an advanced four-wheel-drive system and all kinds of other off-road drive aids.


As we mentioned, interior design is arguably one of the weakest points of the outgoing generation. But, given the model’s age, that shouldn’t surprise you at all. The materials aren’t great, and the dashboard definitely looks outdated. Not to mention the lack of the latest tech features.

All this will change with the upcoming redesign. We have no doubt that the 2025 Jeep Cherokee will follow the same path as the rest of Jeep’s lineup, which makes a pretty big step forward in this aspect. The new Cherokee is about to offer a dashboard design that looks way more elegant, with horizontal lines and way greater use of high-end materials. Naturally, new tech features are also expected, starting from a bigger infotainment screen, a massive digital instrument cluster, wireless smartphone integration and all kinds of other advanced connectivity features.

2025 Jeep Cherokee

As for the passenger space, we already mentioned that the new generation might come with slightly bigger dimensions, and that would definitely have a positive impact on the cabin space. We might see a longer wheelbase, which would provide more legroom, but the fact is that the current model already stands pretty well in terms of passenger room. Where we would like to see improvements is the cargo area, which offers below-average space at the moment.

2025 Jeep Cherokee Engines

As for the powertrain, the tight relationship with Tonale and Horned clearly indicates the use of the same engines. The Cherokee is already available with a 2.0-liter turbo-four with around 270 horsepower, so we don’t see why it would carry on in the same way. However, the big change would come in terms of transmission, as the current 9-speed unit will leave room for a new 8-speed automatic, which is quicker and more refined.

But, the biggest novelty should be the new hybrid system. We expect to see the same setup as in the two aforementioned crossovers, with a 1.3-liter turbo-four engine and massive battery, for a combined output of 288 horsepower. Besides strong driving dynamics, this version would also benefit from a decent range in the EV mode, though we won’t estimate the exact number for now.

2025 Jeep Cherokee

2025 Jeep Cherokee Release Date and Price

The all-new 2025 Jeep Cherokee will arrive next year, most likely in the seconds. As for the price, the exact numbers will depend on the powertrain offer but if the turbo-four remains in the base variants, we presume it could come with a sticker price of around 40.000 dollars.

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