2025 GMC Acadia: Unveiling Minor Tweaks

Last year, GMC introduced a third generation of Acadia. It brought a lot of changes, but the most important was that this SUV became more spacious in the cabin. Also, the previous V6 engine was replaced by a 2.5-liter inline-four turbocharged engine. That offers the same performance but much better fuel efficiency. So for 2025, GMC Acadia, we expect small changes. Maybe we will see some minor changes on the exterior, including new wheel options and premium color choices.

The GMC can surprise us and offer Acadia with a hybrid powertrain. But at this moment there is no official news about new engine options. Also, they can offer more luxurious models that will come with a higher price. But they will also offer state-of-the-art interiors with some of the latest technology features.

2025 GMC Acadia 1

2025 GMC Acadia Specifications

The 2025 GMC Acadia will continue to share a platform with the Chevy Traverse, but it will have a power advantage and come with a more potent engine. The 328-hp inline-four engine will be paired with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. Standardly, it will come with front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive will be an option. This will all guarantee that the upcoming 2025 Acadia will offer a comfortable ride that will be paired with smooth shifting and precise steering.
Also, it will not lack working capabilities, and it will share a maximum towing rate with its sibling, the Chevy Traverse. The maximum pulling rate will be limited to 5000 pounds when it’s equipped with an optional towing package.

The fuel efficiency for this model will be estimated at 25 MPG in combined driving. 22 in the city, and 29 on the highway. That is a huge improvement from the previous V6 powertrain that came with the second generation of Acadia.

2025 GMC Acadia Denali

The Denali trim will be the most expensive trim for the upcoming 2025 GMC Acadia. With a starting price of $52,000, it will have plenty to offer. The interior of this trim will feature a premium finish, with quality materials being used. The additional equipment will include an 8-inch digital head-up display and heated and ventilated front seats. The Denali trim will come with a huge 11-inch digital driver gauge and a 15-inch infotainment system. All that will be paired with a premium 16-speaker system that Bose will sign.

Denali will also come equipped with third-row motorized folding seats and an electronic tailgate. The standard equipment will include a wireless charging pad, interior lighting, and an additional sunroof.

The exterior will also get upgrades, starting with premium color options and a chrome finish on the grille and side mirrors. We will get 22-inch wheels that will probably get a new, unique design for the 2025 model year.
Across the board, all 2025 models of Acadia will support all modern connectivity options, including both Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Also, we will see all the safety features that one SUV in this class is expected to come with.

2025 GMC Acadia 2

2025 GMC Acadia Design

After last year’s redesign and introduction to a third generation, we don’t expect any big changes to the upcoming 2025 model. Last year’s model brought a bigger and boxier Acadia that offers more space for passengers and their luggage. We hope that the upcoming Acadia will come with some settled changes to keep this model attractive and interesting for new buyers. Following the SUV trends, maybe the 2025 GMC Acadia will bring redesigned headlights with more modern-shaped daily lights.

Maybe they introduce a new grille design or newly refreshed taillights. At this moment, there is no official news about any design changes, but we are sure that GMC will make some changes so this model keeps up with the competition.

Price and Release Date

The official release date at this moment is unknown, but reports suggest that we will see it hitting dealerships at the end of 2024. The starting price for the base trim will start at $39,000 and go up to $53.500 for the Denali trim. The most interesting AT4 model that will feature offroad upgrades and a well-equipped interior will be priced at $45,000, and this will be our go-to model. Also interesting will be the Premium trim, which will start at $43.000 and offer the best bang for buck.

The competition for this model will include the Chevy Traverse, Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and KIA Telluride. All of the mentioned SUVs offer something unique. One of them comes with the most powerful engine, one offers the best offroad features, and one comes at the lowest price.

But the Acadia is a middle ground between a sporty SUV with a lot of space, good offroad performance, and respectable towing capability.

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