2025 Honda Passport: What to Expect from the Next Generation

The Passport stands as one of the most popular two-row SUVs currently available in the USA. It is renowned for its spacious interior and impressive off-road capabilities. Its robust platform and powerful engines ensure commendable towing capacity and good value for the money. Anticipate an exterior redesign for the 2025 Honda Passport, with potential interior updates. While the V6 engine is likely to remain unchanged, it may receive a slight horsepower boost.

The most significant transformation is expected within the cabin, where a new infotainment system, coupled with updated Honda software, is anticipated. The 2025 iteration will introduce the TrailSport model, promising top-tier off-road performance within its class. Maybe Honda will surprise us and offer a new hybrid engine under the hood, but this is all based on rumors, and there is no official news from Honda.

2025 Honda Passport Specifications

In the upcoming 2025 Honda Passport, continuity reigns under the hood with the retention of the V6 engine from its predecessor, now boasting an enhanced power output of 322 horsepower, a notable advancement over previous iterations. Furthermore, Honda is reportedly dedicated to refining fuel efficiency in this model, underscoring their commitment to performance and sustainability.

Across all trims, expect uniformity in the form of intelligent all-wheel drive and 9-speed transmission, ensuring seamless operation and adaptability to various driving conditions. The impressive towing capacity of 5000 pounds remains unchanged, aligning with the standards set by its predecessors.

Moreover, the 2025 Passport will be equipped with additional features such as roof rails, crossbars, and a trailer hitch, enhancing its versatility and utility for adventurous pursuits.

2025 Honda Passport

2025 Honda Passport: New Generation Redesign

The anticipated 2025 Honda Passport, as previously mentioned, is poised for a comprehensive overhaul both inside and out. From leaked spy photos, it’s evident that the exterior is in for a significant transformation, featuring a fresh modern grille, revamped headlight design, and updated daily and tail lights. While alterations to the front and rear bumpers are on the horizon, Honda remains committed to retaining the rugged and capable essence of this two-row SUV.

Inside, a redesigned interior awaits, highlighted by an enlarged infotainment system adorning the center console and new leather-trimmed seats promising enhanced comfort during extended journeys. Several features will carry over from previous iterations, including premium interior lighting, tri-zone climate control, and heated and ventilated seats. Additionally, drivers can expect the convenience of 10-way power-adjustable seats with 3-position memory and a hands-free access power tailgate.

Cargo space remains ample, with the capacity to accommodate up to 100 cubic feet when the second row is folded and around 50 cubic feet behind the second row, ensuring practicality for various hauling needs.

2025 Honda Passport

2025 Honda Passport TrailSport

The TrailSport trim emerged as the top choice among consumers for the 2024 Passport, indicating Honda’s likely decision to continue offering this model in the upcoming years. According to unofficial reports from Honda insiders, the new TrailSport is poised to elevate its off-road capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Anticipated updates include the introduction of a new intelligent off-road drive system, along with redesigned front and rear bumpers aimed at enhancing approaching and departure angles. Building upon the robust engine and improved transmission of the 2024 model, the new TrailSport is expected to deliver a compelling package starting at approximately $45,500 for the base model.

Similar upgrades to those found in the standard trim are expected in the base model of the TrailSport, including 19-inch wheels equipped with all-terrain tires and a specialized, robust suspension system designed to provide additional ground clearance.

The interior of the 2025 Honda Passport will boast an array of contemporary technological advancements. Standard connectivity features, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, will be seamlessly integrated, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices. Additionally, wireless charging capabilities and Bluetooth streaming will be included as part of the standard equipment package.

Several features will be carried over from previous models, including Smart Entry for enhanced convenience, a Premium Sound System for immersive audio experiences, and USB charging ports in the second row to keep devices powered on the go.

2025 Honda Passport

Price and Release Date

The anticipated release date for the 2025 Honda Passport is slated for the end of 2024. With a starting price of $40,300 and topping out at $51,000 for the highest trim level, it offers a competitive value proposition.

In terms of competition, the Subaru Outback presents itself as a formidable rival, boasting greater off-road capability. However, it lacks dedicated off-road-oriented trims and all-terrain tires, and while it offers superior towing capacity, it may not match the Passport’s off-road prowess.

Another noteworthy contender is the Toyota 4Runner, albeit at a higher price point. It matches the Passport in terms of power and towing capability, and its off-road capabilities are comparable. However, consumers will need to weigh the higher cost against these similarities.

The Hyundai Santa Fe enters the fray with a lower price point but sacrifices some premium interior features and towing capacity in comparison to the Passport. Additionally, the Passport is anticipated to offer superior off-road performance, making it a more compelling option for those seeking adventure.


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