New 2025 Honda Odyssey is Better Than Most SUVs

The minivan market is not too big nowadays. Only a few models are available: the Honda Odyssey, Toyota Sienna, and Chrysler Pacifica. Also, Kia launched an all-new Carnival, a replacement for the Sedona. The Dodge Grand Caravan is out of the game. The 2025 Honda Odyssey is going to be an all-new model. Spy photos reveal the big update is on the way. Still, we need to wait for the official debut to get all the details.

One thing is sure: Honda is not giving up on the Odyssey. Sources are reporting that a hybrid engine is going to be available. Well, the Pilot SUV, as a flagship vehicle, should get it first. Nevertheless, this is a good sign and a promising upgrade. Honda did a great job on the CH-R hybrid, and fans now expect more models with more efficient drivetrains. Spy photos can’t unveil this secret. We will follow news about the Pilot and Passport SUVs since the 2025 Honda Odyssey is going to share the platform and drivetrains with these.

new 2025 Honda Odyssey
Korean car magazines already have a sneak peek

How Can Hybrid Engine Help?

Comfort and efficiency are the two most important things for every minivan. Toyota is now packing all Siennas with hybrid engines. The Chrysler Pacifica is available with a plug-in hybrid system. Kia Carnival is spotted in Korea with a battery-powered drivetrain. So, the Odyssey can’t be the only MPV without this option.

But let’s start with the base configuration and see what can be better. The minivan is getting power from a well-known V6 unit. A 3.5-liter EarthDreams engine is reliable and durable and provides 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. The gas mileage is not so great. The Odyssey returns only 20/30 mpg. The redesign will make the MPV lighter, but it is not enough to become competitive against the 30+ mpg rating of other minivans.

The 2025 Honda Odyssey hybrid is the only solution. The Japanese company has a few solutions. The first one is to electrify the current system with a V6 engine. Engineers already did it for the Acura MDX in the past. A 3.0-liter petrol engine was used. However, even this system is unavailable now. Fans are sure Honda is upgrading it and preparing for new challenges. With extra power, we might see it around 330 hp. Nevertheless, the Odyssey hybrid needs at least 30 mpg combined. In the past, we saw Pilot SUV prototypes testing PHEV setups. But this vehicle is yet to be launched. A combination of a turbo-four plant and an electric motor is also a good idea. The Toyota Sienna manages to achieve 35 mpg with a similar configuration.

2025 Honda Odyssey apple carplay interior
The new Honda infotainment system is going to offer Apple CarPlay

2025 Honda Odyssey Redesign and Interior Changes

When test mules are caught in spy photos, we can talk about a few things without hesitation. First, the release date is near. Prototypes go through real-time testing in the final phases of development. Also, we can say the 2025 Honda Odyssey redesign will bring a lot of changes to the minivan. The camo is not there without a reason. Honda wants to hide as much as possible. By testing the vehicle in public, they want to hear the expectations and work on implementing the fans’ wishes.

The 2025 Honda Odyssey interior needs to be modernized. A large display is probably the best way to draw attention. As a passenger vehicle, it needs to be safe and comfortable for long journeys. High-end packages will offer rear-seat entertaining packages. Zonal climate control is a feature that must be standard. Odyssey can seat up to eight passengers. Interesting features are Cabin Talk and Cabin Watch. You can speak with passengers in the second and third rows without shouting. Honda is also preparing a few surprises for the new minivan you won’t find on other vehicles.

2025 Honda Odyssey concept
This is how fans see the new Odyssey


The Honda Odyssey already has a good reputation. The minivan has been on the US market for 30 years, and it is known as a reliable, safe, and comfortable transporter. Nowadays, this segment is not too popular. We can talk about the Toyota Sienna or Kia Carnival as main rivals, but the biggest competition is the SUV class. Versatile vehicles offer pretty much everything you can find in minivans. However, SUVs drive like cars, and they are as safe as trucks. Comfort is still the thing that makes MPV better, but the leverage is not enough to cover all the downsides.

2025 Honda Odyssey Release Date

As said, the all-new 2025 Honda Odyssey is almost here. The company is running final tests and making improvements to make the minivan perfect. The release date is just around the corner. Experts think the MPV is coming out in mid-2024. Then, the company is going to unveil all the details, including trim levels and equipment, hybrid engine specs and mileage, and, of course, a pricing list. The Odyssey will cost more after the redesign and with extra features. The base version should be around $40,000. Elite is probably on the opposite end as a premium selection, with a $55,000 price tag.

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