These are Updates on the 2025 Ford Expedition Spy Photos Don’t Show

Ford is updating its largest SUV. Well, we’ll see if the Expedition is going to keep this title since the rumors about the comeback of the HD truck-based Excursion are floating again. Until something larger pops up, the 2025 Ford Expedition is coming out with a fresh look. Spy photos don’t lie. Heavy camo is hiding details. However, the sharp eye of every enthusiast can spot a more aggressive stance on the upcoming SUV. It will be interesting to see what does the Blue Oval carmaker plans with the tail, which reminds us on the Range Rover design language. At least under the camouflage.

All the good things from the current edition will be carried over. Fans praised the comfort and reliability. The gas mileage was not the best, but non full-size SUV is going to buy you with this. Off-road performance is not bad, although Ford is yet to add the best 4×4 packages. That is why we are trying to find out more about the 2025 Ford Expedition Raptor. It is not likely to happen, so we must be happy with Tremor and FX4 upgrades. A diesel engine is out of the lineup. A replacement is almost ready – the 2025 Expedition EV. As a truck-based vehicle, the SUV is going to share a lot of things with the legendary F-150, including the platform for the new Lightning pickup.

spied 2025 Ford Expedition

2025 Ford Expedition Redesign

An updated look will make the 2025 Expedition more competitive. Some say the SUV could enter the new generation. Either way, the redesign is bringing a lot of styling updates, outside and inside. It seems like the upcoming vehicle is keeping overall dimensions. It is 210 inches long, or 222 in if you pick a LWB model. That is about 4 inches shorter than the Chevy Suburban. Still, the Expedition and Expedition Max won’t lack space inside the cockpit. What seems changed is a higher ride. The SUV already offers 10 inches under the body. The eye-catching detail is the tail. Usually, we talk about the facelift, but the rear end could steal the show when the new Expedition debuts. Ford found inspiration on Range Rover SUVs.

2025 Ford Expedition Raptor

The redesign might bring further updates when it comes to trim levels. The Expedition is already a good option if you plan going off the road. Performance is getting a boost with optional packages – FX4 or Tremor. But, for the new 2025 Ford Expedition, the company might add an ultimate option – the Raptor bundle. It is not so likely, since only a few vehicles offer this trim level. Plus, off-road junkies prefer midsize SUVs for adventures.

2025 Ford Expedition Spy Photos

2025 Ford Expedition EV

Test mules are showing there will be a lot of changes on the body. However, we can’t know what is going on under the hood. Having in mind the direction in which automotive industry is going, we can only assume the 2025 Ford Expedition EV is the next addition to the lineup. The reason is simple – the company already introduced the F-150 electric truck. The same architecture can be used for the large SUV. So, it will be all about the different body. The conversion shouldn’t be a problem for designers. The Expedition EV could go 200-300 miles per charge. The SUV is going to keep all three rows of seats.


The regular SUV is using a 3.5-liter V6 engine with 380 hp and 470 lb-ft of torque. A high-output version can do 400 hp. However, the maximum output of the V6 engine is 450 hp and 510 lb-ft. This is something we expect from the Raptor edition. The F-150 truck also features the hybrid version, with 430 hp and 570 pound-feet. So, the 2025 Ford Expedition has a lot of options. A V8 is not likely unless the company wants to compete with the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

2025 Ford Expedition interior

Best Packages

Raptor is just one of the many versions of the SUV buyers will have at their disposal. We can split the lineup to the standard and 2025 Ford Expedition Max model with a long wheelbase. Anyway, this one offers the same trim levels. XLT and Limited are the most popular versions. Those trims pack some advanced options, but the price is not premium yet. Well, a few years ago, luxury SUVs were available for $70,000. Now that is enough for a mid-range Expedition.

If you want to go premium, there are King Ranch and Platinum models. Unique parts and features will make these two special. Buyers are getting genuine leather, upscale materials, a huge 15.5-inch multimedia display, B&O sound with more than 20 speakers, massage seats… BlueCruise will evolve and offer a higher autonomy of driving. Adaptive suspension makes the ride smoother and cozier. With optional packages, such as Stealth, Tremor or Max Towing bundle, the price can exceed $100,000.

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