2025 Honda Ridgeline Redesign Details and Hybrid Model Specs

In the evolving landscape of pickup trucks, the 2025 Honda Ridgeline emerges as a game-changer, stepping beyond traditional norms. Sharing the stage with smaller contenders like the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, it focuses on providing a superior driving experience rather than just maximizing towing capacity.

Embracing innovation, the 2025 Ridgeline undergoes a significant overhaul. A hybrid engine takes center stage, aligning with the industry’s shift towards sustainability. While the Ford Maverick achieves nearly 40 mpg, Ridgeline aims for a sweet spot, perhaps around 35 mpg, balancing efficiency and power.

2025 honda ridgeline trailsport

2025 Honda Ridgeline Trailsport Preview

Introducing the Trailsport trim, Honda adds a touch of off-road capability to the Ridgeline lineup. While it may not rival the Tacoma TRD Pro, the Trailsport promises adventure, blending maneuverability with off-road prowess.

For off-road enthusiasts, the Trailsport variant amplifies the Ridgeline’s adventurous spirit. With standard all-wheel drive featuring the i-VTM4 system, skid plates, trail camera, and a lifted profile, it caters to those seeking rugged exploration. The 18-inch wheels echo the Pilot Trailsport SUV, combining style with trail-ready functionality.

Reintroducing Sport and RTL packages, Honda contemplates the fate of RTL-E and Black Edition models. Post-redesign, additional models might join the lineup, potentially incorporating premium options like Touring and Elite, adding a touch of sophistication.

Specs and Hybrid Engine Debut

Retaining the trusty 3.5-liter V6 engine, the 2025 Ridgeline generates a robust 290 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. Towing capacity hits 5,000 pounds, a testament to the unibody architecture prioritizing safety. A front-wheel drive comes standard, with an optional all-wheel drive. Engineers might fine-tune the transmission for an even smoother ride.

In a bid to enhance efficiency, Honda contemplates a hybrid drivetrain for the Ridgeline. Leveraging insights from the Pilot’s hybrid configuration, this upgrade promises better mileage, albeit at a higher cost. The V6 engine, potentially the hybrid’s foundation, draws inspiration from the Acura MDX SUV’s premium hybrid setup, signaling a commitment to advanced drivetrains.

2025 honda ridgeline

2025 Honda Ridgeline Facelift

A redesigned exterior aims to improve aerodynamics and aesthetics. While test mules remain elusive, anticipation builds for a fresh appearance. True to its roots, Ridgeline retains the unibody platform, offering superior handling and safety. However, this architecture limits towing capacity. Despite expectations of competitive pricing, Honda enriches the Ridgeline with advanced features, reflecting in a price tag exceeding $40,000.

Release and Pricing

Scheduled for a 2024 debut, the 2025 Ridgeline’s release hinges on hybrid system development. As the industry embraces hybrid trends, the release aligns with competitors like the Ford Maverick and upcoming Toyota Tacoma hybrid. While the base model surpasses $40,000, the Trailsport edition could elevate the price by $10,000, offering a premium off-road experience.

In a market evolving towards eco-conscious choices, the 2025 Honda Ridgeline strides confidently, marrying innovation with the practicality expected from a pickup truck. As the release date approaches, anticipation builds for a redefined driving experience that extends beyond conventional norms.

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