The New Generation of Passport, the 2025 Honda Passport

In the realm of mid-size SUVs, the preference leans heavily towards three-row options over their two-row counterparts. However, defying this trend is the 2025 Honda Passport, which has managed to carve out its niche. This SUV boasts impressive sales figures attributed to its robust and dependable powertrain, complemented by interior comforts. Notably, its standout feature lies in its formidable off-road capabilities, particularly evident in the TrailSport trim.

Anticipation brews for the 2025 iteration of the Honda Passport, slated for a generational overhaul. Enthusiasts eagerly await revamped interiors and a sleek exterior redesign. Moreover, speculation suggests the introduction of a new hybrid engine variant, promising enhanced efficiency. The forthcoming model year heralds a wave of changes aimed at catapulting the Passport into a new era of automotive excellence. While embracing innovation, the vehicle is expected to retain the hallmark features that endeared its predecessors to consumers, ensuring continuity with its successful lineage.

2025 Honda Passport 1

2025 Honda Passport Redesign

As we already mentioned, the upcoming 2025 Honda Passport will enter the new generation with a newly redesigned interior and exterior. From the latest leaked photos from a test drive. We see that the Passport will share many features with its biggest sibling, the Honda Pilot. Even under heavy camouflage, we can see that Passport will have a bold design with modern features like headlights and a new grille. The exact design can’t be seen under the heavy camouflage in spy photos. But we expect the grille to follow the design language of the 2025 redesign.

In profile view, the new Passport brings a new rim design; the roof will now be flatter, but the side-view design gives us a more aerodynamic appearance. Under the heavy camouflage, we can see new side mirrors and a new dual-pipe exhaust.

The interior of this model will also receive an overhaul. They are starting with a center console that will get a new design. The new infotainment system and plenty of new tech inside. But all these changes will not reduce the practicality that passports are famous for. The interior will stay practical and spacious, and a new generation will just make it more attractive and appealing for new customers.

2025 Honda Passport Specifications

The 2025 Honda Pass will share the same engine as the previous generation. But the powertrain that will come with the 2025 model will be more potent thanks to ECU tuning. The V6 mill, which will have a displacement of 3.5 liters, will now produce 330 horsepower. Throughout the 10-speed automatic transmission, which will also be an upgrade from the previous 9-speed powertrain, power will be delivered to all wheels.

The ride will remain comfortable, like in the previous generation, and the steering will be direct and precise. The all-wheel drive and ground clearance of 8.5 inches will guarantee that this model can handle rough terrain.

This model will also come with pretty solid towing capability in this class. The maximum towing when the Passport is properly equipped is 5000 pounds, and that is the best result in its class. The fuel economy will remain the same as in previous years’ models. The EPA rating is estimated to be 21 MPG in combined driving, 19 MPG in the city, and 24 MPG on the highway.

2025 Honda Passport 2

2025 Honda Passport Trims

The previous generation of the Honda Passport was available in multiple trims. But the most interesting was TrailSport, which was introduced and redesigned in the 2024 model year. This equipment package made the Passport one of the most offroad-capable SUVs in its class, and it gained huge popularity. But even a base-trim EX-L was interesting because it comes with leather seats and upholstery. All-wheel drive that was paired with the most potent engine option. Also, it was pretty well equipped for an SUV at this price point. Plenty of technical features, a premium infotainment system, a big sunroof, and premium safety features. This trim is one of the most popular trims.
The upcoming 2025 Honda Passport will also come with multiple trim options. The base trim will also be well-equipped with plenty of standard features. And we hope that Honda will make the Trailsport trim even more interesting.

The top-tier trims should get new leather seats with heating and venting options. Premium sound systems, satellite navigation, interior ambient lighting, head-up displays, and much more are expected to be seen on new premium trims.

2025 Honda Passport 3

Price and Release Date

The upcoming 2025 Honda Passport is expected to be officially released in the summer of 2024. The starting price will remain the same or close to the 2024 model, and it is expected to start at $44,000 for the base trim and go up to $52,000 for the premium trim.  The TrailSport should start at $46.000 and go up to $48.000 with a premium interior package included. The competition will be the Chevy Blazer, Hyundai Santa Fe, and the most popular truck in this category, the KIA Telluride.



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