2025 BMW X5 New Colors, Release Date and Hybrid Specs

The luxury SUV has just been redesigned, so there shouldn’t be too many changes on the 2025 BMW X5. Or the company keep something special for the upcoming vehicle? Well, you won’t find the M Performance model in the current lineup. That is one of the things we expect to change. Or, the X5 could use the partnership with Alpina, like the X7.

The mid-size luxury SUV sells nicely, but bosses think the X5 can do it even better. Well, compared to other models in the class, the German SUV is significantly more expensive. The facelift will help with sales. A more aggressive X6 is also available with a coupe design. A hybrid system makes the ride more efficient, although the 2025 BMW X5 is more about performance and elegance. When you are paying $100k for a vehicle, the gas mileage is not so important.

2025 bmw x5 m60i

Engines, Specs, Hybrid System

Under the hood of the luxury SUV is a 3.0-liter straight-6 engine with a special turbocharging system. The only configuration with a 2WD is the sDrive40i, while the xDrive is using 4WD. In both cases, the engine creates 330 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. An automatic transmission is standard and the X5 needs 5.5 seconds to sprint 0-60 mph.

The redesign also brought a new hybrid system. The main source of power for the 2025 BMW X5 xDrive50e is the same 6-cylinder engine. Thanks to electric support, the setup creates more power – 483 horsepower and the SUV becomes faster and more efficient. It can reach 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. The PHEV system is not only more powerful but also offers more miles per charge. The electric unit can make X5 go 40 miles.

You need a V8 engine to beat that. The M60i model stops the clock at 4 seconds thanks to massive outputs – 523 hp and 553 lb-ft. A 4.4-liter V8 is still under the hood. With such numbers, you can’t expect the engine to be fuel-friendly. Still, 22 mpg is not a bad result.

2025 BMW X5 M

Most of the changes the company planned for the mid-size SUV are already there on the 2024 YM. But, BMW saved the best of the best for the upcoming season. The 2025 BMW X5 M will be out with the most potent engine ever. We have a 100 hp boost for the hybrid system and even the M60i is more powerful than its predecessor M50i. The M Performance was tuned at 600 hp and you could also add the Competition package to get it to 617 horsepower. The 2025 YM could do 620-630 ponies and sprint 0-60 mph faster. Last time, the clock was showing 3.7 seconds.

2025 bmw x5 hybrid

Redesign Changes and New Things on the X5

The latest update brought a fresh look at both ends of the SUV. But, if we have to pick a single thing, that would be a curved infotainment display. The most notable change on the front fascia is a rectangular air intake with vertical vents. The M Sport package will make the 2025 BMW X5 more aggressive with black details, especially the lower bumper. Quad exhaust tips are now standard on the M60i model. There is also a tiny spoiler.

If you thought that cabin couldn’t be more comfortable and futuristic, the new X5 proves it wrong. The central console looks simpler. There are more buttons than before. A multimedia screen is 14.9-inch wide and it comes together with a 12.3-inch driver’s display in one piece. BMW improved its infotainment system. Lighting is at the next level different welcome notes. The Sensafin is a new type of leather for the luxury SUV.

2025 BMW X5 Models and Prices

The base version of the 2025 BMW X5 is the sDrive40i with an RWD setup. The MSRP starts at $65,200 before any fees are added. The xDrive will cost you $2,300. Besides that, no other differences are there. Optionally, you can add the M Sport package for $2,750. Premium and Executive are the new interior packages. Plus, you can select cool bundles to improve the comfort and safety.

The PHEV version, xDrive50e offers similar options. Some are cheaper since some are already included. The M60i is the top of the range version. For now. It costs $90k and most of the optional features from other models are already added.

2025 bmw x5 interior

2025 BMW X5 Colors

Again, the color palette depends on the model you pick. The sDrive40i is available in Alpine White paint. Metallic shades are available if you pay $650. Those are Carbon Black, Black Sapphire, Mineral White, Blue Ridge Mountain, Brooklyn Gray, Manhattan Green and Skyscraper Grey. Premium paintjobs are Ametrin Metallic, Dravit Grey Metallic and Tanzanite Blue II Metallic, all cost $2,000. Interior themes are Silverstone, Coffee, Cognac and Black. With Merino leather, paints are Ivory White, Coffee, Black and Tartufo. Regular metallic colors are a free upgrade for the M60i model, while another premium shade is added. The Frozen Pure Grey Metallic costs $3,600.

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