2025 Chevy Corvette SUV: What We Know So Far

The last few years have been pretty turbulent for Corvette. First, we saw the eighth generation of the American icon in a completely different layout than before and now it looks like Corvette is going to evolve into a separate brand, with a few more models on offer. One of them could be a four-door version that would challenge Panamera, but we are way more interested in the other one, the SUV, which is expected to arrive already in the next year, as the 2025 Chevy Corvette SUV.

At this point, not many details are available, but it looks like things are going to be significantly different compared to the standard Corvette. Different platforms, different engine options and many other differences are expected for a model that is expected to compete with models from different classes, both Macan and Cayenne.

As mentioned, the new model is expected something in the next year.

2025 Chevy Corvette SUV
Source: Car and Driver

2025 Chevy Corvette SUV Design

As for the overall design, the first thing that comes to mind is the platform. We all know how radical the changes of the recent redesign, which included a completely new layout, with mid-engine and aluminum chassis. That model also brought a completely new design, which significantly changed the way we look at the famous sports car. Now, the new 2025 Chevy Corvette SUV is about to exceed in this aspect even more.

First of all, it will ride on a different platform and although the officials are still quiet, we presume that is going to be a revised Alpha platform, the one that’s been reserved for sports cars so far, so a few revisions would be required. Whether it’s about suspension, implementation of new technologies or something third.


As for the exterior design, we expect to see a four-door SUV. This will be the first time to see a Corvette with a higher ground clearance, while we also presume that the new model could bring a bit of that sloping roof, which would provide a coupe-like appearance. At the front, we count on the implementation of Corvette’s current design language, though there is always enough room for a couple of exclusive details as well.

2025 Chevy Corvette SUV rear view
Source: Car and Driver

The thing that’s a little bit unclear is the size. Different reports suggest different things and from what we know so far, it looks like the new SUV could stand somewhere between compact and mid-size segments, which would allow it to compete both with Macan and Cayenne, X3 and X5 etc.


As for the interior design, it’s still too early for details, but we presume that the dashboard design would take a lot of inspiration from the current Corvette sports car, with a similar layout, similar instruments, steering wheel etc. What we are a little bit more sure about is the seating configuration. This will be a two-row SUV, and we presume that base models are going to come as five-seaters, while the most exclusive variants could possibly come with captain’s chairs in the second row instead, which would reduce the capacity to four.

2025 Chevy Corvette SUV Engines

As for the engines, we presume that the new SUV would be offered in a pretty broad range, whether it’s about engine size or power. Base models could come already with a turbo-our engine, which would offer 300+ horsepower, while the mid-level options would most likely rely on Cadillac’s 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6, which puts around 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque, but which could get an additional tuning for this occasion.

Of course, the offer would also include one or more variants of the well-known 6.2-liter V8. We might see it in a naturally-aspirated variant, but the top of the offer would belong to the supercharged version, the same that was recently introduced in the Cadillac Escalade V, with a max output of 682 horsepower.

2025 Chevy Corvette SUV Interior
Source: Car and Driver

2025 Chevy Corvette SUV Release Date and Price

The officials are still quiet about the exact launch date but most sources suggest that the first-ever Corvette SUV could arrive already in the next year. As for the price, we estimate that base versions could go around 60.000 dollars.

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