2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck: What We Know So Far

The Korean carmaker continues to expand its lineup and in this case, it’s time for a new pickup. So far, the company didn’t have much experience with pickups and, therefore, many expected to see something similar to the Hyundai Santa Cruz – a unibody pickup. But no, that won’t be the case. The brand-new 2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck will be a genuine pickup truck, with a body-on-frame platform. The new model is already in development and from what we know so far, it will be offered in Australia first.

There are many interesting things to come with Kia’s new pickup, not just the platform. It will come with pretty unique styling, as well as a minimalistic and futuristic interior. Moreover, there will be a pretty wide powertrain offer, which will include not just diesel and petrol engines, but also a fully-electric version.

The 2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck is expected to arrive sometime next year.

2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck spy photo

2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck Design

So, the 2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck will be a brand-new model in the company’s lineup. This will be a mid-size pickup, designed to compete in Australia, with models like Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Nissan Navara. Just like the competition, it will ride on a classic body-on-frame platform. That is something we haven’t used to seeing from the Koran manufacturer.

Of course, such a design approach should ensure strong overall performance. Another important aspect is the styling. Rendering photos are already on the network and they show pretty interesting aesthetics. The new pickup looks bold and muscular, with massive fender flares and a futuristic front-end layout.

2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck carscoops
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Interestingly, the interior is a complete difference. Unlike the exterior, the inside of the new cabin looks fancy. It comes with a minimalistic design, highlighted by just a couple of massive screens. That’s something that seems quite popular among carmakers today, where the clean surface gets complemented by a massive infotainment screen and a digital cluster.

As for the rest of the cabin, we do know that the new model will be offered with a crew cab layout, but other configurations are also possible. Although the exact measurements are still unavailable, most sources suggest that this is going to be one of the bigger and, therefore, more comfortable models in the class. Besides plenty of space, the new pickup should also come loaded with modern tech features. Besides the aforementioned screens, we also count on goodies like wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless phone charging, a 360-degree Surround-View etc.

2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck Engines

As mentioned, one of the biggest qualities of the 2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck will be powertrain diversity. Since we are talking about the Australian market, one of the most popular choices will definitely be the company’s well-known 2.2-liter turbodiesel, which puts out around 157kW/210hp and 420Nm/310 ft-lbs.

Also, there will be a petrol version, powered by the same 2.5-liter turbo-four as the Santa Cruz. That engine is rated at 206kW/276 hp. Both engines should come coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission and the max towing capacity is expected to go around 3.500kg/7.700 pounds.

Finally, there is the all-electric version to come and from what we can see, things look pretty impressive. The new pickup is expected to feature a dual-motor setup, with a max output of 410kW/550 hp and 800Nm/590 ft-lb. The system will include a massive 123-kWh battery pack that should ensure up to 450 kilometers of range. Just like many other Kia and Hyundai models, this one will also feature an 800v architecture, with fast charging that goes up to 250kW.

2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck spy shot

2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck Release Date

The 2025 KIA Mohave Pickup Truck is expected to come sometime in the next year, though the officials are still quiet about the exact date. We know it is coming to Australia for sure, while the North American version is still uncertain.

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